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Some interesting facts about Bulgaria


Did you know that...?


1. Every year on the 1st of March, the Bulgarians give  each other 'martenitsa' - small figures made of white and red threads, a symbol of the awakening, of spring,  health and happiness.


2. Bulgarians waggle their heads Indian-style to mean  yes, and nod to mean no.


3. Bulgaria is very known with the unique national product The Bulgarian yogurt. Its common Bulgarian name is "kiselo mliako". It is produced by full- cream milk - cow, sheep, buffalo and mixed, undergone to milk sour fermentation at 40- 45 degrees.


4. The Bulgarian rose- oil (Bulgaria produces half of the rose-oil in world) is a component of the world most famous perfumes.


5. The inventor of the first electronic computer John Vincent Atanasoff is of Bulgarian origin.


6. The American actress and wife of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, is the daughter of a Muslim Bulgarian.


7. The world first digital wristwatch was developed by the Bulgarian Peter Petroff.


8. The first air - dropped bomb in military history was developed by the Bulgarian Air Force during the First Balkan War, and used on 16 October 1912 by Radul Milkov and Prodan Tarakchiev. Rayna Kasabova was the first woman ever to take part in a combat air mission, accomplished on 30 October 1912.


9. Bulgaria ranks third in Europe for the number archaeological monuments of cultural significance. It is home to 160 monasteries, 36 cultural centers and 40 000 listed archaeological sites and objects.


10. The Rila cross is one of the unique things in Bulgaria. It's a wooden cross with 140 microscopic scenes from the Bible featuring more than 1500 figures, the largest of them is no bigger than a grain of rice. It was carved by the monk Raphail with a pin on a piece of linden wood for 12 years until he became blind.


11. Bulgaria is the first Slavic nation that adopted Christianity.


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