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MIEL - Your trusted DMC partner for Bulgaria!

The companies and organization that entrust to MIEL are:



  • Turkiye is Bankasi - Turkey;
  • Bill Peach Journeys - Australia;
  • FINASS RAISEN AG  - Switzerland;
  • BRD Bank – Bucharest;
  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment of Netherlands;
  • Travel Art – Romania;
  • Travel Makers – Romania;
  • Travel Advisers – Hong Kong;
  • Liberty – Czech Republic;
  • Balkan Tours – Spain;
  • Special trips - Poland.


  • Bulgarian Training Firms Net part of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science;
  • National Institute for training and qualification in the educational system part of Ministry of Education, Youth and Science;
  • DZI Plc.;
  • Benninghoven Bulgaria;
  • Industrial cluster "Electronic vehicles";
  • Executive Agency for selection and reproduction in thremntalogoy part of Ministry of Agriculture and Foods;
  • Lawyer company "Dimitrov, Petrov and Co";
  • Rotary Club Bulgaria;
  • Bulgarian Assocation for Promotion of Education and Science;
  • Infomed Bulgaria;
  • bTV Comedy part of bTV Media Group;
  • EcoBulpack Bulgaria;
  • Salvis Pharma;
  • Association “Roditeli” ("Parents").

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