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November 24, 2014 - Sofia private sightseeing tour

Great personal tour 

Very nice, in a perfect German. The lady guide went through our every need and was able to convince us with her extensive expertise!

The family of Klaus Dieter


September 11 - 14, 2014 - FAM Trip in Bulgaria with Swiss tour operators (TPA)

Dear Helena and Ogi,

I want to say THANK YOU for the time you took to show us a part of Bulgaria. 

I came back home with my wine bottles in perfect condition and will taste the rosé with my husband this evening. From now on, every time I hear of Rosé, I will think of Ogi blue eyes.

On Thursday evening we are going to our wine cellar to let them taste the red wine and see if they like it and if they want to invest in bottles with my husband. 

I will contact you for my wine tasting trip with my husband as soon as I know the dates. 


Take care,



August 23, 2014 - Sightseeing tour of Sofia

"Very interesting tour" 

We had a tour for two on Saturday morning. Тhe tour was scheduled at 8 am (fortunately the time was moved to 10 o’clock, because 8 is still really early). At this time nothing was happening because the city is still asleep.

The good lady, who had guided us, began with Sofia's brief history and then discussed many subtleties. When we asked her questions that interested us, she always had an answer. She had also a very extensive knowledge and spoke relatively slow with a very pleasant tone. 

We would recommend the tour to anyone who is interested in history of Sofia. It was the only tour that was offered and the only that we have found (unfortunately there is no sightseeing buses in Sofia, which rides through the city and explains to the visitors the history of the town. So, this tour was our only option to learn something about the history of Sofia).

Tobias Meyer

Original text:

“Sehr interessante Tour”

Haben die Tour zu zweit an einem Samstag Morgen gemacht. Geplant war sie um 8 Uhr (was glücklicher Weise auf Nachfrage auf 10 Uhr verschoben wurde, 8 ist echt noch mies früh). Viel los war um diese Zeit noch nicht, Sofia schläft da noch.

Die gute Dame, die uns geführt hat, hat erst Sofias Geschichte grob umrissen und ist dann auf viele Feinheiten eingegangen. Auch auf Nachfragen unsererseits wusste sie stets eine Antwort. Sie hatte ein sehr umfangreiches Wissen und redete relativ langsam und nicht zu schnell, dabei in einer sehr angenehmen Tonlage.

Wir würden die Tour jedem empfehlen, der sich ein bisschen für Sofias Geschichte interessiert. Es ist im Prinzip auch die einzige Tour, die angeboten wird und die wir gefunden haben (so Sightseeing-Busse, die durch Großstädte gondeln und den Besuchern allerhand geschichtlichen Background schmackhaft machen gibt es in Sofia leider nicht. Daher war diese Tour unsere einzige Möglichkeit, was über die Geschichte Sofias zu lernen).

Tobias Meyer

September 25th – October 1st, 2013 - Tourist program “Bulgaria and Romania” - Swiss group
Sincere greetings from Geneva. We would like to thank you once again for showing us your beautiful Bulgaria. Your love and passion to the motherland made a deep impression and we will keep this wonderful memory from this pleasant travel and cultural values that you shared with us.
With friendly greetings and appreciation for your attitude,
Marie-Gabrielle et Pierre Milleret




September 18 - 20, 2013 - Korean Air in Bulgaria

Mr. Kim, European regional manager of Korean Air, and delegates were on a business trip in Bulgaria. The ground services was provided by MIEL Ltd. - Bulgarian Destination Management Company. During their stay in Bulgaria, Mr. Kim met with the Korean Air representative in Bulgarian market - APG Bulgaria. Mr. Kim shared its impressions about MIEL's work:

I would like to thank you, Mr Ognian, Mr Valcho (MIEL) and all your staff’s kind arrangement for the Bulgaria business trip

We enjoyed ever bit of our stay in Bulgaria.

Once again thank you for the generous hospitality.

Best Regards,


April 5, 2013 - International lawyer meetings WITL in Sofia, Bulgaria

Some reviews of MIEL as co-organizer of international IT lawyers meeting held in Sofia on 05 April 2013.:
Sanya Karasanova from law firm "Dimitrov, Petrov § Co.", Sofia, Bulgaria:
Hi Elena,
I just wanted to tell you that all the organization was successful and people were happy. Thanks for the effort and and the well done job!
Stephan LE GOUEFF from LG@VOCATS, Luxembourg:
Dear Helena,
I would like to thank you warmly for your very dedicated and professional work during our stay in Sofia.
Everything was perfectly managed.
So thank you and hope to do business with you in the forthcoming future.
Dr. Martin Eckert from MME Partners, Zürich, Switzerland:
Thank you and my compliments back to Sofia!




June 4th – 10th 2012 - Bulgaria

Round tour “Cities & Gardens in Bulgaria”

A group of Austrian tourists /Luftner Reisen/ travel this tour and were acquainted with the nature, cities and gardens in Bulgaria. They try the meals of Bulgarian cuisine and delicious Bulgarian wines. 

The group was personally greated by Mr. Blagoev, the owner of MIEL Ltd., during the organized Welcome drink.

The tour leader of the group Mr. Hans-Jochen Lobenstok wrote:

“Thank you for your excellent tour preparations and your also very excellent and friendly German speaking tour guide Michaela”




May 11 - 15th, 2012 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Austrian and Latvian guests

Representatives from Simulith centre, Lithuania and Austrian Center for Training firms, Innovation and Future Orientation had Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project partners meeting in Bulgarian Centre of Training Firms in Sofia. During the meeting we had an excellent opportunity to see some most wonderful sites of Sofia history organized by Valcho Semerdzhiev from Miel. During the visit to the National Museum of History Valcho was very kind to translate for us what the guide of museum was telling and he has organized a very smooth visit to Boyana church. His professionalism and warm hearted personality helped us to discover rich Bulgarian history, traditions and hear about local people’s lives.

We are most impressed by the Bulgarian cuisine of which various flavors we had experienced in restaurant Pod Lipite. We could relax and enjoy the restaurant and company completely and to the full as Valcho as a local expert has chosen various dishes for us to try and dip into very healthy meals for 4 hours!!! That was the longest dinner and highly enjoyable. The tour organized by MIEL has exceeded our expectations – Thank you so much!

Austeja Mockeviciute

Project Manager



April, 2012 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Private sightseeing tours in Sofia - 3 couples

Mr. Wolfgang Wiesiolek - “Very good”

Our guide Rumi is very experienced and flexible, not feeding us endless rows of numbers but "keeping us on the map" all the time. Thanks for fantastic help MIEL in another matter! 

Ms. Marion Ehresmann - "Very good skills of the tour guide, punctual, friendly."

Very good knowledge of the German language, informative. Thank you!" 

Mrs. Helga S. - "Very capable tour guide, we got to know Sofia well. Thank you!"

The tour guide presented Sofia very competently. We enjoyed the day with her very much. Thank you and best regards!


March 11, 2012 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Private sightseeing tour in Sofia - a German couple

Mrs. and Mr. Karp from Dortmund visit Sofia and MIEL organized for them private sightseeing tour of Sofia. The guide – Mrs. Sokacheva give them full information about the history of the city, its main monuments and highlights. They visited National Museum of History and Boyana church – included in UNESCO heritage list. Mr. Karp said:
“Dear Mr. Semerdzhiev,
Thank you very much for these photos. It was a very nice and wonderful tour. We learnt a lot about Bulgaria, the people and last but not least the history and the buildings. A big thank also to our leader. She was very informed, polite and it was a pleasure to go with her through the wonderful Sofia.
Continue with this kind of customer service - we can and will recommend your company."

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Bernhard & Dagmar Karp


September 2011 - Varna and Albena, Bulgaria

A group of Turkish journalists and bankers in Albena

MIEL had the pleasure to meet and assist a group of managers from IS Bank of Istanbul – the biggest private bank in Turkey and journalists from Turkish media. They were guests of the Bulgarian Chess Federation. MIEL arranged the stay, transfers and other services for them as usual on a high level. Mr. Blagoev personally kept a sharp eye on realization of the offered services. 
Mrs. Petek Simav / responsible for the stay from the Bank/ wrote:
"Thank you for your kind cooperation and your assistance during our stay in Bulgaria…
We spend a nice time in Varna and Albena thank to our hosts and MIEL.
Best wishes…"

Petek Simav
Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş.
Corporate Communication Division

June 6, 2011 - Nessebar, Bulgaria

A group of Australians in Nessebar
In result from the good relations between MIEL Bulgaria and Bill Peach Journeys Australia a small group of tourists from Australia and New Zealand visited the unique town of Nessebar on the Bulgarian Black sea coast. The group was from the Black Sea cruise ship “Silver Sea”.
The guests were met by the manager of the incoming department of MIEL and the Guide. They had a short trip to view interesting places where they made pictures of Sunny Beach and Nessebar. Then they had a short walking tour in the old town of Nessebar and were amazed by the stories which their guide presented for the old churches and houses in the town.
Met personally by Mr. Blagoev, the CEO of MIEL Ltd., in a cozy restaurant in the old town they had their refreshments and coffee. Special gifts were given to the ladies and gentlemen to commemorate their visit in Nessebar.
Mr. Thomson from Bill Beach Journeys wrote in the questionary:
“Very interesting visit to Nessebar. Excellent guides and explanations. The provision of gifts is good promotion and was welcoming. It differentiates MIEL from its tourism opposition.”
And for MIEL: “Very professional tour company! Great ambassadors for Bulgaria and tourism in the country”


April 4, 2011 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Highlights of Sofia
Our family visiting Sofia booked a sightseeing tour through www.getyourguide.com.
We made an unforgettable tour around the highlights of Sofia. The walking tour through the central part of the city includes Alexander Nevski Memotial Cathedral, the building of National Assembly, monument to Tsar Alexander  II – The Liberator of Bulgaria, The ancient church of St. Sofia, The Synagogue, The Banya Bashi Mosque and many others. After a refreshing lunch in a local restaurant we visited National Museum of History and Boyana Church – UNESCO heritage list.
The services of MIEL were on a very high level and we were very much satisfied from the work of the professional guide in German and other services.
Spilka Family







November 6- 9, 2010 - trip to Paris, France

Dear Mr. Blagoev,

We are writing you about our trip to France, Paris. We are very thankful for your kindest assistance and very good organization. A bus was waiting for us on arrival at the airport in Paris and it transferred us to hotel IBIS.

On the second day of our trip we had a sightseeing tour of the city with Mrs. Roziana, to whom we can give our highest mark for her high professionalism. She showed us many of the sights of Paris and gave us a lot of historical background.

As a conclusion, we are very satisfied with our trip.

In addition, we are sending you some pictures from the places that we visited. We recommend you as a preferred travel agency for this and similar destinations.

Best regards,

Mladenovi's Family


October 7 - 10, 2010 - weekend in Budapest

Dear friends,


thank you for the splendid weekend in Budapest. Your advices were priceless. We had a great time!
See you soon again. We bring you pamphlets and maps for new travels. Please send us other promotional offers for next year.

Your friends,
Nikolaevi family


September 11-18, 2010,  The Best of Romania and Bulgaria.
This is a very good program, which includes all the places you should see when you come to Bulgaria.
We had an excellent guide service. Valcho was very helpful, very friendly, very knowledgeable and very interesting. He took very good care of us, was concerned about our likes and dislikes and wanted us to be happy. We liked him very much and would travel with him again.
We were travelling with a very comfortable and nice car and the driver was very good, friendly and helpful. He was also very funny.
We had a very good massage in Arbanassi. We also felt special when receiving a rose, a bottle of wine and a fruit bowl.
We really loved the food and we enjoyed seeing your country. It is very beautiful with all the mountains and greenery.
Weiler’s Family, USA


February - April 2010 apprenticeship of a Italian girl, Marianna La Torre, at the MIEL's office according to the project Leonardo da Vinci

Dear Mr. Blagoev and Miel’s personnel,
First of all, I’d like to thank you all for the great opportunity I was granted to pursue an internship with your company.
I can clearly assert that this working experience was constructive, interesting and useful for my future.
This internship was a meaningful chance for my professional growth and it has allowed me to widen my knowledge. At the beginning, it hasn’t been easy because I was afraid to fail but my colleagues, with their patience, great experience and sensitivity, helped me a lot and made my work placement easier.
I’d like to thank them not only for their helpfulness towards me but also for their friendship. I always felt at ease in the office and they taught me many things about Bulgaria, a place which I didn’t know very well before coming here.
And it was a big surprise for me to find out – during my training period at Miel – a lot of interesting things about Bulgaria, such as its traditions, its folklore and its rich history. Not to mention the wonderful places to visit.
A warm thanks to Mrs. Daniela Sekiranska, my tutor, who has always encouraged me.

With all my best wishes,
Marianna La Torre.

March 2010
Barcelona, Spain
Thanks to MIEL's team!

We were really amased by the highly varied architecture and the preaty small streets. The Cathedral of the Holy Family, the aquarium, the zoo garden and the magic fontains also deeply impressed us.
We found so many places for entertaiment and it will leave us with unforgettable memories about the city.
We estimate highly all the efforts that MIEL's team made to our comfortable stay in Barcelona!
Students and teachers from the Private professional high-school for management and business administration "Helios 2000", Sofia

March 2010
Auto Salon Geneva 2010

Dear friends from MIEL Ltd,

We want to express all our thanks for your assistance during our stay in Geneva, Switzerland.
Due to your response we were part of one of the most important auto events of the year - Auto Salon Geneva 2010.
We estimate highly all services that we have been provided.
With the greatest of pleasure we will benefit from your next offers!

Please accept our most sincere thanks!
Ivanovi Family



September - December 2009 apprenticeship of a Spanish girl, Teresa de la Chica , at the MIEL's office according to the project Leonardo da Vinci


Dear Mr. Blagoev and MIEL's team,

First of all, I would like to say thanks for these three wonderful months in MIEL. When I came to Sofia, I didn't know anything about Bulgaria, I only know that Rila Monastery was one of the most important and impressive construction of the Human Heritage of UNESCO in Bulgaria. Then I started to work at MIEL and I discovered, day by day, new interesting places to go and visit, like Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, or Melnik. I've learned a lot with my coworkers about BUlgaria and all the beautiful places that I've visited are incredible. Now, I think that this is one of the most beautiful countries with wonderful landscapes and interesting culture.

It's really difficult to explain my feeling for MIEL's staff, but I can say that I'll never forget them because here they treated me like one more of the family. I will miss the people too much.


With all my best wishes,


Teresa de la Chica



Dear, MIEL,


We would like to express our thanks for your efforts. The moment was critical and I am glad that we had such a responsible partner in the face of MIEL.
With best wishes for future beneficial cooperation




Bulgaria - June 2009


A thankful letter


Dear Mr. Blagoev,

In the name of the Bulgarian Association for Promotion of Education and Science (BAPES) let me show to you and Ms. Mariella Ivanova my special gratitude for your co-operation in the arrangement of the flight to Bulgaria for the lectors and the moderators of the Fourth European Conference for Rare Diseases and Medical Orphans.   

The Bulgarian Association for Promotion of Education and Science and its partners hope to count on your co-operation and high profesionalism in the future.


With respect,

As.prof. Rumen Stefanov / Chairman of BAPES / 





      Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro

In October 2008, the Darik Radio team visited Argentina and Brasil. During their stay in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires it was organized a meeting with the National Radio of Argentina, which was transmitted on air. "One unforgettable and exciting trip! See you again in new exotic places!"








A few days ago an our client came back from India. We prepare for her a tailor made tour according to all her desires and that’s what she wrote to us:

 “We came back from India alive and healthy. To tell about India requires a lot of time. The most exciting thing there, were the Indians. Your partners, in every case, in every city and in every object that we visited were very precisely. I don’t know how you made it possible but there were no  cases of being late even for one minute. All the guides and the drivers were polite, king and work lovers. You programmed a magnificent and valuable tour that I have a feeling that I have been for 2 months in India.  I don’t know how you have done to be so coordinated but you and your partners in India were in a world level. “



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