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Spa & Wellness

Numerous resorts and hotels offer Spa procedures (even without using any mineral springs), but it`s always better to go for the genuine one which by default refers to mineral and thermal springs – the wealth of Bulgaria!

Spa means water health treatment. Wellness refers to all kind of spa and balneotherapy treatments in thermal spring resorts resulting in improvement of people`s general condition - mind, body and spirit.

Find out your genuine SPA & Wellness destination in Bulgaria, take into consideration our valuable proposals.

Spa in Velingrad - The Balkan SPA CapitalSpa in Velingrad - The Balkan SPA Capital

Velingrad is one of the most popular Bulgarian balneological resorts. The region is situated at 750–850 m above sea level and was inhabited by the Slavs who accepted many of the Thracian customs. 

Package prices start at € 533 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

Spa in Sandanski - Europe SPA WellnessSpa in Sandanski - Europe SPA Wellness

Sandanski is approved as the best natural healing centre for bronchial asthma in Europe. This is mostly due to its unique therapeutic climate- moderate continental with well-expressed Mediterranean influence. 

Package prices start at € 498 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

Spa & Balneology in PomorieSpa & Balneology in Pomorie

Pomorie is a town and seaside spa resort in southeastern Bulgaria, located on a narrow rocky peninsula in Burgas Bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Package prices start at € 799 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

Spa & Wellness in HissarSpa & Wellness in Hissar

Hissar is a small resort town in Bulgaria located in the outskirts of the Sredna Gora mountain range. Because of its mineral and healing springs, the town was founded thousands of years ago.

Package prices start at € 622 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

Spa & Balneology in Pavel BanyaSpa & Balneology in Pavel Banya

Pavel Banya is a small town nestled in the famous Valley of Roses, between two mountains – The Balkan Mountain and the Sredna Gora Mountain with 9 mineral springs and average temperature 55-60 C. 

Package prices start at € 585 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

Spa & Balneo in Stara Zagora Thermal BathsSpa & Balneo in Stara Zagora Thermal Baths

The mild climate and the hot mineral springs of Stara Zagora Thermal Baths have attracted settlers since prehistory. A Neolithic settlement has been discovered around the mineral springs.

Package prices start at € 470 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

Spa & Wellness in VarshetsSpa & Wellness in Varshets

Varshets is a great site for relax, combining healthy moderate-continental climate and healing mineral water. The mineral water (hydro-carbonate-sulfate-sodium) is taken from 6 springs.

Package prices start at € 337 per person in DBL room for 7 nights!

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